About Us

LPM Imports is a wholesaler which focusses on getting the best deal to the customer.

We endeavour to provide prices which are lower than most wholesalers and do not distract customers with "large" discounts which still do not provide competitive prices.

Mission Statement

Our core business truth is to be able to bring the best value items to our customers as long as they reflect our deeply held belief in quality.

Quality and Value that you can believe in is what we always strive for.


Our goals for the future include expanding our product base to bring in much needed items and start to specialise in certain areas of interest to our customers.

We will regularly update this section to keep you updated on the path we intend to take.
About Us
We endeavor to provide prices which are lower than most wholesalers to ensure that everyone can get the best deal without being confused by big discounts which ultimately offer nothing.

Our Guarantee
f1We guve a 100% guarantee for your satifcation. If you 
are not happy with the service please contact us.
Bulk Ordersf2
You can also buy in bulk.
Please contact us for special prices.