Products & Prices

- All products and services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

- We reserve the right to change any price at any time.


- Most deliveries will be sent out within three days.

- Out of town and rural customer should be aware that an extra day may added to final delivery.

- Five delivery options based on location.
  1. Auckland Central
  2. Auckland Outer ( beyond Massey, Albany, Papakura)
  3. Short Haul (Huntly to Taupo)
  4. Long Haul (Taupo to Wellington or Gisborne)
  5. South Island


- If you have a problem with the product you received (broken  / damaged), please inform us of the problem. Please include a picture of the defect / crack if possible as it will expedite the credit process.

- Send the request to our email address info@lincolnpark.co.nz.

- We will consider the request and you can return the product to be replaced.

About Us
We endeavor to provide prices which are lower than most wholesalers to ensure that everyone can get the best deal without being confused by big discounts which ultimately offer nothing.

Our Guarantee
f1We guve a 100% guarantee for your satifcation. If you 
are not happy with the service please contact us.
Bulk Ordersf2
You can also buy in bulk.
Please contact us for special prices.